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Annotea Ubimarks Versions

Version 0.6 beta

ubimarks-0_6_2 (addons pending for review, sourceforge)

  • improved user interface for selecting bookmark stores
  • corrected a load/refresh bug when changing bookmark store

ubimarks-0_6_1 (addons, sourceforge)

  • replaces version 0.6.0
  • changed RDF datastore handling so that mozilla required (sometimes wrong) mime types are not a problem when using WebDAV
  • can now directly edit HTTP files in my internet service with Annotea Ubimarks via WebDAV
  • corrected bug related to combining facet selections
  • internally datastores now utilize XPCOM packages, which was a big change

Version 0.5 beta

ubimarks-0_5_1 (addons, sourceforge)

  • updated Annotea presentation schema with a Setting object for defining faceted query setting
  • improved dynamic facet view
  • added functionality for storing selected facets in a Setting object
  • added transitivity to queries (queries also bookmarks under subtopics when a parent topic is selected)
  • improved result grids so that long title lines can be presented in several grid lines
  • internally added new widget and an xpcom object to help delete duplicate results
  • polished code

ubimarks-0_5_0 (addons, sourceforge)

  • implemented a preliminary version of dynamically defined faceted view
  • polished the code

Version 0.4 beta

ubimarks-0_4_6 (sourceforge)

  • added subtopics view that can be opened by clicking "show subtopics" in a topic window
  • polished the grid functions presenting views to several topic and bookmark lists
  • updated sample bookmark files and removed unnecessary files.

ubimarks-0_4_5 (addons, sourceforge)

  • added Store style to configure so that users can add a stylesheet to their bookmark file
  • corrected file copying in configure/Select store (added a script file containing a lately relocated function)

ubimarks-0_4_4 (sourceforge)

  • Added button for clearing default topics (default topics are topics automatically generated when clicking quick bookmark).
  • Also added icons to default topics tab in configure window to show when default topics are defined without clicking the tab.

ubimarks-0_4_3 (sourceforge)

  • Added interface for using author owned URIs for bookmarks, topics and other Annotea objects in Configuration/IDs

ubimarks-0_4_2 (addons)

  • Changed firefox version to 1.5.0.* in install.rdf to be compatible with addons

ubimarks-0_4_1 and before (sourceforge)

  • Added platform info for Macintosh
  • Works with Firefox 1.5+
  • Trying to follow the code changes in firefox/mozilla
  • Corrected minor errors related to status info
  • uuid component compilations stopped working with firefox changes - disabled uuid addresses temporarily so we use http:// addresses until uuid component is part of firefox (or I get inspiration to find out what is wrong in the compilations)
  • Polished code so it is easier to understand
  • Added presentation objects that can define order for bookmarks or subtopics. Still somewhat experimental.

Version 0.3 beta


  • Uses HTTP PUT and FTP to update bookmark files on the Web.
  • Some user interface improvements but more is coming.
  • Composite stores are not used for update anymore as they were not working intuitively mostly they are used to help keep track of stores.
  • Some error corrections.
Windows Linux/unix Other
install ubiwin-0_3_8.xpi install ubi-0_3_8.xpi install ubi-0_3_8.xpi (bookmark and topic ids are temporary)

Tested with

  • Firefox 1.0.6. in Windows
  • Mozilla 1.7.8. in Linux
  • Note (will probably not yet work with Firefox 1.5 and I have not been able to test Mac much)


  • It seems that sometimes there is a delay between upload onStopRequest and the uploaded file being available for Refresh. The user is notified that file was uploaded but changed only appear after closing/opening the browser or some other way that causes a new load of RDF document.
  • With FTP use URIs containing the username and passwd e.g.
    An URI without the passwd should also work. However, RDF Refresh in Mozilla, that reads the file back from the Web, occasionally looses information about the passwd. This problem might be connected to the previous one.

Old versions

Windows Linux/unix Other
install ubiwin.xpi install ubi.xpi install ubi.xpi (bookmark and topic ids are temporary)

I tested this with Mozilla 1.7.5 in Linux and Mozilla 1.7 and 1.7.5 in Windows XP.

Firefox 1.0 seems to work mostly, I'm still polishing some differences in the user interface, such as nonexisting grippies.

Marja-Riitta Koivunen 2003-2006