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Sample bookmark collections


Bookmark files typically have social bookmark and topic data. They can also have other RDF metadata. The data is presented to the users depending on the application visualizing the bookmarks and topics. The bookmark applications can help users in many ways. For instance, they can support creation and editing of the bookmark and topic data, finding related information, organizing search results, or creating profiles for services or other purposes.

Ubimarks installation

Currently, when installed, Annotea Ubimarks tool loads some sample bookmark files to the defaults/ubiextras/testdata directory (e.g. mycml.rdf (XHTML), sharedcmltopics.rdf (XHTML), bookmarks.rdf (XHTML)). They can be selected in the configuration window just like any other bookmark files. (These files will be updated in the next version.)


Example bookmark files on different subjects are available on the Web.

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