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Annotea Ubimarks: Installed files and directories in Mozilla

1 Main files

When you load ubi.xpi in Linux or ubiwin.xpi in Windows or their later versions a file named chrome/ubimarks.jar is created for the code and a directory defaults/ubiextras is created for the testdata both located under the install base directory. In addition, the following 3 lines are added to chrome/installed-chrome.txt when it registers the code located in the ubimarks.jar file:


2 Components

In selected platforms (right now in unix/linux and windows) an XPCOM component is added for generating uuids. This makes the ids for bookmarks and topics more robust. The code actually already exists in Mozilla but the interface is not available. The files in linux are components/ and components/nsIUUID.xpt and in windows components/uuid.dll and components/uuid.xpt. These files are currently used only by Annotea Ubimarks and can be deleted when uninstalling the code.

If enhancement bug 279521 to Mozilla code is accepted these components will be part of Mozilla/Firefox in the future.

Starting from version 0.3 also a component that among other things keeps track of currently selected bookmark files for reading, writing, and updating bookmarks and topics is added. It includes the following files components/nsIUbiDS.xpt and components/nsUbiDS.js.

3 Temporary files

Starting from version 0.3 HTTP PUT and FTP are used to update http: and ftp: bookmark files. Temporary files for updating and writing new bookmarks and topics are created into /tmp directory in linux and corresponding directory in windows (e.g. /tmp/tmpubi_....rdf ).

These files are automatically removed when the application ends or when different bookmark files are selected in configure.

4 Uninstall

Currently uninstall in Firefox uses the extension uninstall button. If that does not work follow the Mozilla instructions below.

In Mozilla there is not a good way to do this yet so you need to remove some files by hand and edit one file (this is basically what the Firefox uninstall button does too).

  1. Find the global installation or user profile directory (search for "ubimarks.jar" helps you find right chrome directory underneath).
  2. Edit chrome/installed-chrome.txt and remove added lines (lines with word "ubimarks" in them) listed in 4.1.
  3. Remove the chrome/chrome.rdf file, and chrome/overlayinfo directory (they are created again when running mozilla/firefox).
  4. Remove chrome/ubimarks.jar and defaults/ubiextras directory.
  5. In Linux, remove components/ and components/nsIUUID.xpt and in Windows, remove components/ and components/uuid.xpt.
  6. After version 0.3 remove components/nsIUbiDS.xpt and components/nsUbiDS.js.

Note: Sometimes the updates in Mozilla may take some time as it uses a cache.

Marja October, 2004