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Annotea Ubimarks Installation Types

1 Firefox 1.5+ installation

Firefox 1.5+ has totally changed installation packaging . User profile installation is done by default.

2 Mozilla and Firefox installation before 1.5

The current browsers do user profile installation by default. Old installation script will asks if you want a global installation for all profiles or a user profile installation for a specific profile.

2.1 Global chrome installation

Global chrome installation covers all user profiles in one install, but you may need administrator or root privileges for installation. Especially if you have a root installed version of Mozilla and no write access to mozilla/chrome/installed-chrome.txt file that registers the package. Write access is needed also to copy files to mozilla defaults and components directories.

2.2 User profile installation

User profile installation covers a selected user profile. It is installed to user profile chrome directory with some files to defaults and components directories.

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