Cybersecurity Framework: What it is and Why You Need It?

Many organizations are expanding their business networks online to get high visibility. Though the internet is the best option for organizations and businesses to reach their audience, it poses many security threats. There's a greater need for efficient tools to keep organizations safe from cyber threats. The 'cybersecurity framework' is the ideal tool that organizations can use to reduce cyber risks.

Brief Introduction to Annotea

Annotea is a framework for semantic annotations, bookmarks, and topics focusing on sharing of the objects and collaboration in document context. Annotea gets its inspiration from observing users’ needs and problems and developing user scenarios based on those observations.

Annotea stores, Annotea objects, such as the bookmarks and topics, and protocols

Annotea stores are RDF metadata stores that store Annotea objects. Objects from various stores can be easily merged and viewed together. Many currently popular tagging services violate the principle of user control and do not give users a choice of where to store the bookmarks and topics.


The bookmark metaphor nicely supports semantic authoring and presentation of Annotea bookmark and topic objects, their collections, and context sensitive views to these objects. The Annotea topics can be anything the user wants them to be. They can start with vague meaning and gradually become more robust and better understood. When user discovers other related concepts in a better established ontologies, her own concepts can be linked to those.

Some papers and talks

Annotea documents page has links to many Annotea related papers and talks as well as some technical documents.
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